We started early with me maintaining that the stream would not produce until the sun’s rays hit the water. Beautiful pools on the downstream side of the beat failed to produce, even with sunshine. The wind started to blow and Stefan mentioned that he had heard from the locals that when a certain wind blew, one did not even bother to go fishing. “Yes Stefan, it’s this wind, a south-easter” Fortunately there are a number of ninety degree bends in the river course so we were able to get the wind behind us at times. The dry fly did not produce so Stefan tried a nymph. A pod of 10-12” fish followed but would not even eat a stripped fly. We then spooked three fish of at least 20” in one run, the only inhabitants. Could this not be pre-spawning behaviour? At the end of the morning Stefan got a few small (8-10”) fish on a RAB.