Tony Kietzman with a good Yellow

Sean and I really needed to fish, we’d heard that the Bokspruit was flowing and decided to go and check. We stopped on the Cleft Hill bridge and were surprised to see the Bok flowing stronger than it has for months, there were also a few yellowfish swimming a beat and feeding. There is also evidence of the algae build up starting to get scoured out. We headed upstream to the Hillbury and Welgemoed bridges. At this stage it appears that the Rifle is actually raising stream levels. We returned to Cleft Hill and stalked the Yellows at the bridge, unsuccessfully. I headed down stream and found the flow reasonably good but fish absent. On my return to join Sean at the bridge, I got lucky with a Yellow of about 22”; two more of about 18” followed. The first two were taken on an Andrew Lottering tadpole pattern which I lost when broken off. Thereafter a “speedcop” worked. The fish were not interested in the dead drift, took surprisingly large patterns (size #8) and were also feeding off the surface. I was unable to work out on what as there was no obvious hatch. Sean spent most of his afternoon pursuing surface feeding fish in the shallows, alas unsuccessfully. The biggest trout seen was about 4”.The Yellows are here, spooky but feeding voraciously and the Bok is flowing quite nicely.