I visited the Bok, dropping in here and there to sections of Knockwarren, Birnam and Bothwell. This was my first visit to this part of the Bok since the water levels have risen. The river was flowing fast and clear and I get the feeling that some of the sand will still be scoured out, creating a little more depth. I fished with Edhammers and Zaks. There was no evidence of a hatch and no rises were observed.

Areas that were home to fish nurseries (where the fingerlings live) during times of lower flow were devoid of fish. I assume that these fish have moved upstream to claim their own territories. The fast clean shallow runs, the sort of place one likes to drift a dry also produced no fish. A few small trout and minute yellowfish were seen.

The good news is that I found a few large adult fish, one was definitely closer to 30” than 24” (she turned my offerings down); these fish were found in areas that would have been the holding water during times of low levels.

An approaching thunder storm chased me off the water at about 15:00.

So, there are a few larger trout to be found on this part of the Bok and Yellowfish and trout are available downstream.