28th December 2017                                                                              Lower Hillbury with Max Machanstart fiik

The flow rate on the Bokspruit could only be described as optimal, the water was clear and the stream bed nicely scoured out. This is indeed the best condition that I have seen this particular stream in for the past three years. However conditions were not that perfect, casting became a challenge in the howling wind. At least the gorge funnelled it upstream. Nevertheless any form of controlled drift was difficult to achieve. There was no evident hatch, we saw no rises and were unable to spot a single fish so we elected to both start by fishing  the nymph, the ever faithful bead headed Zak. The well weighted flies hooked up on the bottom occasionally, so we were in the right place. The usual spots failed to deliver on the short drifts I was able to achieve, then a small fish chased on the lift to recast. Letting the fly drift past and swing it got the occasional take as the line tightened. The fish were all below 10“in size although I did drop one of about 15”. Working our way upstream we came to shallower water and I changed to dry flies. Once again I failed to elicit takes in the usual places. I persevered with the dry and in a pocket-holed run near the top of the beat I started to take a few small fish off the surface. Max and even got a small Yellow of about 10” Between us we took about a dozen fish. Flies that worked were RAB, ZAK, Edhammer and a Caddis pupa imitation that Max found in his box.

We drove out and at the top of the rise saw the cloud blanketing the escarpment, Max remarked that these were the definitely wrong conditions with a South East wind blowing.  “Lets blame the barometer.”