19 October 2019                                               Eliasdale with Sean DeWet and Charles le Roux

We arrived at the bridge over the Bokspruit at luchtime. It was a blustery day with constantly changing light cloud cover; we even had a few rain squalls, unfortunately not enough to get the raincoats out.

The Bok was barely flowing. Sean took a few fish in the pool below the bridge and we moved downstream looking for deeper water. Where we found depth, sometimes less than knee deep, we took fish on dries and with animated nymphs.

The fish ranged in size from six to ten inches and we also spotted some smaller trout fry. This seems to indicate different spawning times to me, so when exactly were the different size classes born? The fish taken from the deepest water were in markedly better condition factor to those found in shallower areas.

Flies used were Rab, Edhammer,zaks and a few other nondescript nymphs. We left before sunset probably having caught thirty fish between us with Charles having caught his first stream trout.

So, we have fish, now we just need rainfall to raise water levels and scour the streambeds.