Bell Blog 18th November 2019                                                        Lekkerbly with Ken Bruyns

Needing to fish we reasoned that with all local streams flowing into the Kraai, there should be more water there. We drove down the Lekkerbly pass and parked near the downstream boundary. (They have re-routed traffic and there were very few gates to open this time). The river was very low with a lot of exposed sandbank. We crossed and moved downstream to a larger pool. 

Some of the rainfall from recent short lived squalls must have reached the river because water clarity was not optimum and we were unable to spot fish. Fortunately there was very little slime build up from the dead algae in the area we fished. I located the deepest channel flowing along a steep rock face on the opposite bank. There was very little flow and the brisk gusts of wind were at times blowing the line upstream so I elected to forsake the strike indicator and animate my fly as one does in still water.

We saw a few rises, splashy like small rainbows, but were unable to tempt those fish. 

We took a few small 8” yellowfish and I even got one of about 18”. All fish came from one area, taken on the bottom with a lightly weighted nymph, the  trusty Zak producing once again. 

The holding pools have fish but I don’t think at the larger Yellows will start feeding till flow rates and water levels rise and they can drop their eggs.

Hang in there, rainfall is forecast for the near future !!!!!