Guidelines for arranging fishing on WTA waters

Fishing on Wild Trout Association water is arranged by purchasing a day permit that allows access to water on WTA members’ property. Rates are subject to change without notice. Permits are sold on a first-come-first served basis.

Permits are issued on a daily basis during office hours only and are valid for one day only. Permits consist of two sections. The upper half contains the vendor and purchaser details, i.e. name & address, vehicle registration number, the number of rods, the total fee and the venue/s to be fished. The lower half consists of a catch return that must be completed and the permit returned to the vendor. The permit must be stuck onto the inside of your windscreen to ensure visibility.

To ensure that double bookings do not occur, a central beat register is maintained at the Rhodes Tourist and Information Centre, Muller Street, Rhodes. This system endeavours to ensure that the beat required has not been booked already and, if available, is recorded on the central beat register. Keeping this register up to date is the key to the success of satisfactory fishing experiences and is also the key to the success of the fishery.

Ensure that you know where your beat is or that you are given clear instructions as to how to find the beat concerned as well as identifying its boundaries. As stated above, copies of the permit must be stuck to the inside of your windscreen to ensure visibility and therefore confirmation that you are not a poacher.

Beats can be booked at the central register in advance. However, this is done at the risk of inclement weather rendering the water booked un-fishable, in which case alternative arrangements will be made subject to availability of suitable beats.

Visitors who are accommodated in WTA member’s accommodation must also purchase permits for the water concerned. Please ensure that the vendor notifies the Rhodes Tourist and Information Centre of such sales in order to keep the central register up to date.

Day Permit Vendors

Bell River, Bokspruit, Riflespruit, Sterkspruitn & Kraai River

Rhodes Tourist and Information Centre - Rhodes:   Margie Murray          045 971 9003


Highland Lodge:                     Vicky Bell                     045 941 1001


Birkhall :                                   Basie Vosloo              045 974 9303


Balloch:                                   Margy Frost                  045 974 9228