When I saw how much water levels on the Bell had dropped over night the Bok became the obvious alternative. The stream is flowing well and on this section has a slight milky tinge (I think it’s coming from the Rifle). It was a clear day with an upstream breeze, the wind later turned to SE. We followed tradition and looked for fish from the bridge, a few Yellows did reveal themselves. Mike began fishing the run just below the pool spanned by the bridge and took three small trout. Max elected to start upstream of the bridge where he had a few follows and an unconverted take. I went upstream and worked my way upstream, I didn’t see fish and all the usual spots failed to produce. At the top of a long pool after the river turns in an easterly direction  I found a 16” Yellow  and had a few casts at it, the flies landed exactly where I wanted but were ignored. When I say that the flies landed where I wanted I mean it, I was fishing one of Mike’s toys, a sublime fibreglass 2wt, built on a Kabuto blank. This rod was a revelation compared to other glass sticks I have tried.  

The river comes out of a forested area turns to the left and then runs along a cliff face. At this bend I was able to take a  Yellowfish yearling from quite shallow water. Mike leapfrogged us and found a deep run along the cliff, he positioned himself below the eye of the pool rigged a heavy tandem outfit and dredged the bottom. He was smashed up twice and thereafter stayed in the same spot. Max and I moved upstream to explore the whole beat. I presented to a least 5 yellows over 16” and was ignored (as opposed to rejected) Max had a few takes but no fish came to hand. I got another yearling yellowfish.

Flies used were mostly bead headed and of the Zak or GRHE type. The fish were right on the bottom. When looking for

excuses I can only blame the barometer and hope that over the next few weeks we receive regular rainfall and that

conditions stabilise.