Modern technology, however, now allows us to expose these people. Riparian members of the Association will routinely inspect vehicles parked on their or their neighbour’s property, to ensure a valid day permit is displayed on the dashboard. If no valid day permit is displayed, they will use their cell phones to take three photographs  - one of the permitless dashboard, one of the vehicle’s number plate and one to prove where the vehicle was parked.

Day permits will then be checked against the registration number to establish whether the owner/driver did in fact purchase a day permit, but had forgotten to display it. If no record of the day permit can be found, the images will be published on the WTA’s website on a dedicated page headed, “Wall of Shame”. Images of the offender’s vehicle will remain on the website until a written apology and payment are received. Should the culprit re-offend, images will be left on the Wall permanently, with the name of the offender added to the entry.

Be warned!!

Image0479  Image0480  Image0482


An example of what can be expected on the Wild Trout association’s Wall of Shame, an image of a permit-less dashboard, another of the vehicles number plate and lastly, an image showing exactly where the vehicle was located.


24-9-2012: Within the past 10 days, two young men have called in and each paid for fishing without day permits in years gone by.


Well done lads, your action has gone a long way towards restoring faith in members of the previously-errant fly fishing community.


We trust that their fine example will be followed by many more wayward fly fishers seeking conversion from poacher to honourable gentlemen!