What does the WTA do?

The formation of the WTA brought about long-needed access to these waters and has been remarkably successful in doing so. It has taken many long years for the association to expand the scope of its access to fishing.

The WTA is responsible for the administration of the fishery, including the central booking system and other administrative functions such as data capture and processing, permit fee disbursements and marketing.

Riparian members have been encouraged to develop the necessary infrastructure to accommodate visiting fly-fishermen to the area. Fly-fishing cottages and lodges have duly been established along the rivers and in the village of Rhodes where a host of different accommodation options has become available.

 In addition to making the fly-fishing resource more easily accessible, the WTA has concentrated a great deal of its efforts on making the attractions of the Eastern Cape Highlands known to the general public. Although trout fishing is the major sport practised in the region, there are umpteen other attractions such as snow-skiing, hiking, mountain biking, bird-watching, pony riding, rock art viewing and, for the hunting enthusiast, greywing francolin shooting to be enjoyed as well.

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