Where does the WTA operate?

The greatest concentration of fly-fishing on wild running water available to the public in Southern Africa is to be found in the Highlands of the Eastern Cape. The Highlands straddle the southernmost portion of the Drakensberg and continue into the Stormberg. The WTA administers and has access to more than 200km of running water throughout the Highlands and is the largest sport fishery of its kind on the entire continent of Africa.

            The waters range from Lilliputian streams found at the headwaters of the tributaries of the Kraai River that grow as they tumble down into the valleys below. These freestone streams and rivers are mostly fed by summer precipitation including thunderstorms and to a lesser extent by melt water from occasional snowfalls in winter. 

Online information

In addition to this publication, the association operates its own website www.wildtrout.co.za which carries updated, comprehensive information about the WTA and its activities.


Catch policy

            Day permit holders who land trophy-size fish may remove them for mounting. Alternatively, visitors who would like to sample the fruits of their labours are welcome to remove pan-sized fish for culinary purposes whilst in the Eastern Cape Highlands.

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